Full of joy and the spirit of Aloha, Angela Maki Vernon is on a mission to delve into opportunities to co-create and share her knowledge as a yoga instructor, life coach, and brand ambassador. She has published a number of books along with some DVDs. Her latest yoga DVD, "Feel the Aloha" encompasses life, and the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Angela Maki has also been an accomplished model for nearly 20 years. Gracing the covers of numerous magazines across the globe.

She strives to further her education in health and wellness for the mind and body in order to better herself and to be of service to her growing clientele as a yoga instructor and life coach in Japan and Hawaii. As a surfer, Angela has opened the doors for the future women longboarding professionals in Japan, as she was the first woman to compete in the Japan Professional Surfing Association (JPSA). Although she did not make it to the finals, she chose to 

take the initiative and dive right in with an all male dominated heat. Through her career as a professional surfer, Angela Maki has excelled in surf competitions in both longboarding and shortboarding. She has won many contests including the 3x Women's Longboarding Champion in the Local Motion Surf into Summer in Hawaii. Through surfing around the world, she has discovered that the beauty of surfing is not only in winning a competition, but it can be much deeper than that. Through this realization, Angela Maki developed a passion for spreading awareness of how healing the ocean really is. 

Blending her passion for the ocean and for the children in Japan, Angela Maki's heart lead her towards creating her non-profit, Ocean's Love, in 2005.  Inspired by her brother Takashi, her goal was to create a surf school for disabled children living in Japan to share with them the healing energies of the sea and to empower the families who are seeking support for their children with disabilities. 

Angela Maki's connection with the ocean has lead her to the island of Oahu, where she resides throughout the year. As she travels back to Japan to balance work and family, her dream is to open Ocean's Love in Hawaii.

Philanthropist, author, yogini, avid surfer, and as a woman who continues to seek adventure, she looks forward to connecting with you to creating something magical.